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Photo Printing & Memories.

print wedding photos 3R 4R 5R 6R 8R and poster size
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Want to Cuci Foto from your phone? We have instant 3R, 4R Photo printing service.

At F8 Camera Store will help you transfer photos from your mobile phone or computer for photo printing. We also help with minor photo cropping, brightness adjustment and photo enhancement before printing them. All you need to do is to walk in with your phone photos! Wireless photo transfer may take some time, we recommend customers to save them in USB for large amount of photos to prints. If you are looking for a creative photo journey, you may look through our range of polaroid printing or canvas printing options!

Get quality photo frames at discounted prices when you print with us. A better quality frames stay with you for a long time. Cheaper frames degrades over time.

Photo Printing.

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  • Large Customized Photo Sizes

Gettting phone photos printed is a way to clear your phone diskspace.

The best way to store memories are in the form of printed photos. Do you still look at your photo albums online or your external harddisk? Probably not.. Why not get the photos printed in 3R or 4R photo sizes and store them in photo albums? You can share these photo memories easily with visiting relatives,friends and family.

printing 3R 4R 5R 6R A4 Photos and canvas print

All you need to do is to provide us your photos in a USB pendrive and we will have them adjusted and printed the best we can. Our photo printers are colour callibrated to obtain better contrasts and colours. If you have just a few photos to print, you can just walk in with your phone photos! We will help you wirelessly transfer the photos for printing.

Customized Album.

photo album and photo book printing design
  • Photo Book Printing

Want a design a photo book album but don't have the time to do it yourself ?

Making a customized photo album takes a lot of design and arrangement effort. Our designers will put them into proper layout and get them printed. Just filter through your photos and send them to us. It's recommended to have about 90-120 Photos per photo album of 40 pages photo book.

Photo Backup.

backup your phone or computer photos into USB or CD
  • Backup your photos

Where to find Back Up Phone photo service?

Bring us your phone photos or media that you will need help with the backup. Our team will provide you a solution for it. We are able to convert your photos and back up into USB, CD, DVD or uploaded onto the cloud. You can them plug these media into your TV or keep them for storage.

Framing Photos

framing your photos with our custom size framing services photo frame in Petaling Jaya
  • Better Photo Frames

Customized Framing Photo Service for photos

The BIGGER the Better!Print your large size photos in A4 or A3 and get them framed properly. We have a range of ready made quality frames that will last you a long time. Don't buy the RM5-10 Frames made out of plastics and cardboard, they can easily break during framing and it will cost you more to get the prints re-printed. A good quality frame is made from glass with a proper compressed board back. Need a customized frame size? Ask our staff for a quotation.