Passport, ID, Visa Photo Service till 10pm in Petaling Jaya.

Urgently need your ID Photo or company profile photo taken today? Get your instant passport or visa photo taken at F8 Camera Store, Petaling Jaya. We are just 20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. Our photographers follow strict passport and visa photograph requirements ensuring hassle-free visa application.

Take Passport, Visa or Identity Photo with F8.

Couldn't find a Kodak Shop or Kodak Express Shop anymore? F8 Camera Store offers photo taking services for your passport photos, visa photo and Identity cards. Just simply walk in to our photo studio and provide us your photo requirements. Our photographers will get it done for you in only about 10-15 minutes.

Visa and Passport photo sizes may vary according to the country you are applying. If you have any specific measurements, please bring the photo requirements with you. Our photographers will edit your foto ukuran pasport and remove any simple impurities.

Photo Requirements.

kedai pasport gambar visa photo sizing and photography requirements or specifications

Passport & Visa Photo Requirements

Visa and Passport pictures are official documents for your travel and business needs. In order to reduce problems and issues with your visa application, we recommend customers to follow the photo and printing requirements.

Photo Sizes

Every passport or visa photos come in different sizes and specifications. If you are getting them done in Malaysia, we will follow standard sizes required by the embassies and governments. You may provide us additional details to prevent any complications.

China Visa 33mm x 48mm
UK Europe Visa 35mm x 45mm
US / INDIA Visa 50mm x 50mm
New Zealand / Australia Visa 35mm x 45mm
APEC Card 35mm x 50mm Blue Background
Malaysian Work Permit Photo 35mm x 50mm Blue Background
Cambodia / Foto Umrah 40mm x 60mm
Japan Visa 30mm x 40mm
Malaysia Gambar Paspot 35mm x 50mm
Malaysia Work Permit 35mm x 50mm
Grab License 25mm x 32mm
Driving License 35mm x 50mm
Registration of Marriage 35mm x 50mm

Photos Do / Don't

Getting your gambar paspot done properly is very important to prevent rejection by the authority. We measure the sizes of both passport and visa photo to meet requirements by respective governments.

NO Spectacles
NO Distracting Earring/Piercings
NO Teeth Showing
NO Covering Eyebrow
NO Heavy Makeups
NO Tiling Head Up/Down/Left/Right
NO Revealing Clothings
NO Phone Photos
NO Distracting Shadows

MUST be Photo Printed
MUST be Plain Background
MUST be Accurately Measured
MUST be Shot Professionally
MUST follow correct sizing
MUST have Proper Lighting