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Canvas Printing

Easy Simple and affordable Canvas Printing Service in Petaling Jaya.

Do you want to get your family, wedding or newborn photo print and mounted on canvas? Bring your photo with you and visit at today. We recommend prints above A4 sizes to be shot with camera. This ensures High Quality resolution print compared to phone photos. For standard canvas photo printing we have 40cm x 50cm, 30cm x 30cm, 20cm x 20cm, 40cm x 60cm. Or are you looking for 3R or 4R photo print?

Canvas will require specific canvas frame mounting. It will usually take a couple of days. We are using high quality HP Large format printers for better colour output. Who normally print canvas large photos and what do they normally print? Photographers, families and parents will print their holiday photos, wedding reception photos, newborn, landscape, cityscape or even inspiration quotes!

Canvas Prints on Fabric.

canvas fabric printing and framing services in petaling jaya damansara
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We use quality fabric canvas for better print quality.

Basic maintenance of canvas prints can be done by wiping gently with slightly wet cloth. Our colours pigments will not fade within 20 year as long as it's not exposed to UV sunlight.

Get quality canvas print today! If you plan to customize your canvas printing sizes, you may request for a quotation from our staff. Custom sizes may take longer duration compared to standard canvas size.

canvas photo gift for living room, bedroom and office.

Where to get my canvas framed and mounted?

Do you have a canvas print and will like to have it mounted and framed? All you need is to measure the frame area and request a quotation from us. Mounting will be done on wooden frame.